Kelly Roderick is a photographer primarly based in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Kelly is also a coach, yoga instructor and casual runner. She is currently available for hire in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.  For more information and inquires on pricing contact kellyrod8908@gmail.com

Kelly Roderick

Artist Statement:
"The self, as Eleanor Antin (photographer and performance artist) has stated, “is simply an accumulation of previous reports.”  My photography is just that-- an accumulation and glimpse of me. I never anticipated I’d have the opportunity to combine my athletic background with art until I started expressing myself through images. Since then, elements of my preceding life steadily seep into my work and continue to be my main sources of inspiration.
The subject matter I often choose comes from being a multi-sport athlete since I was five years old and working with athletes as a coach.  I am simply fascinated with the human body and its remarkable capabilities. The body itself is an infinitely changing and evolving art piece.
These studies of people and the human body will continue to inspire me not only as a photojournalist, but also as an artist."